latest video & pics of the Expedition 16 Spaceflight Participant Soyuz Launch (NASA TV)

the launch just now @ 9.22 pm malaysia time 🙂

Expedition 16 Spaceflight Participant Soyuz Launch (NASA TV)

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10 responses to “latest video & pics of the Expedition 16 Spaceflight Participant Soyuz Launch (NASA TV)

  1. sempat lagi tu senyum…
    semoga beliau selamat pergi and selamat kembali ke Bumi…


  2. setinggan overfloor


    spec lu pakai tu mcm spec angaksawan la…hahahaah


  3. kawaii : muka dia pucat masa blast tuh. hehehe

    setinggan overfloor : la ye ke. ko kena panggil aku spaceflight participant la lepas neh. hehehehe


  4. hehe.. spaceflight participant..

    bro, thanks for this post
    housemate aku ada gak buka channel angkasa1 tu,
    tapi aku tengok kejap2 je..

    by the way, baru perasan la plak ada link blog gue kat sini.. cuma ejaan phyxseus tu salah.. 🙂
    thanks for linking..
    banyak gile links.. cukup 99 ke tu?
    anyway, i’ve added yours too..


  5. mucs : channel angkasa1 tuh mmg banyak yang mengarut jer. hehehehehehe. ok nanti saya betulkan link tu . 🙂


  6. bangga aku jadi anak malaysia!


  7. chot : memang bangga bila nak blast off tuh. saspens pun ader. hehehehehe


  8. I think that Yuri guy took the remote and switched the webcam to focus on him instead after realizing Dr Sheikh had been getting too much attention while being strapped to his seat :p


  9. narrowband : hehehe me think oso. yuri ni jeles ngan dr sms. hahahah


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