Latest Collaboration of Too Phats & Siti Nurhaliza

hari ni selsema teruk giler, nak tercabut hidung ni dibuatnyer. ni baru intro jer nih kot. asyik sob, sob, sob jer kat rumah nih. tissue jangan cakap la, dah nak habis satu kotak kot. anyway, forget about my nose, let’s blog something on too phat and siti nurhaliza, shall we.

their latest collaboration include this newly song entitled “dua dunia”. i should say “not bad”, siti can actually perform rap here. i will always admire the way too phat put their words in all of their songs. it’s easy to create a lyric but it’s not that easy to create a good and commendable lyric like what they’ve done. kudos to them both.

and i heard that their latest album (too phat & not siti nurhaliza) comprise of about 30 songs. wow! that’s cool and big! get their latest albumz at your nearest music store!

more pic? click here

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