latent defects…

haish !

kena buat some reading a plaks

haha reading 1 & reading 2 (x mcm reading pun!) haha

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6 responses to “latent defects…

  1. Hang pakai kat mana benda ni? Kat tiang lampu ke? Dalam blog ada latern defects tak?

    selinap coretan terakhir…Palembang Day 4


  2. selinap : hehe ada la blog nyer latent defects haha 🙂


  3. latent defects?? sorry but what kind of defect is it?


  4. kawaii : haha nantikan entry seterusnya. haha 😀


  5. nampaknya kena la tunggu entri seterusnya!


  6. megat : hehe sabar2 lambat lagilah aku nak blog pasal neh 🙂


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