“Kenapa Anda Perlu Takut Pada Masa Hadapan ?”

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ok atas permintaan blogger kujie, aku paste sket kat sini . hehe

Remember when everyone was quoting Baron Rothschild, saying, “Buy when blood is in the streets”? Well, this is it. We’re in the Wall Street equivalent of Kill Bill meets Jurassic Park. It looks like it’s all over but the spurting.

Warren Buffett knows how to play this game. He’s buying, and he says that in five or 10 years, “we’ll look back on this period and we’ll see that you could have made some extraordinary buys.”

But when the market drops 9% in a day, it’s hard to react logically, like Buffett — and not, say, curl up into a quivering, sniffling ball. Here are five ways to help you achieve your goal. more here

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4 responses to ““Kenapa Anda Perlu Takut Pada Masa Hadapan ?”

  1. lor…copy la skit..nak baca intro.. 😉

    Kujie’s last blog post..Hari Kesihatan Mental Sedunia


  2. kujie : hehe dah paste sket as intro. hehe 🙄


  3. Buffet tu memang bijak dan planning power…
    time ekonomi camni lah dia belasah habis semua stock yang bakal naik balik later….
    Aku pun dok ingat cam nak beli, tapi buying power pulak tak berapa power…yang ada pun dah menjunam jatuh…rugi siut

    cyza’s last blog post..Neck Exercise


  4. cyza : hehe tu la kan purchasing power lemah sebab forex la ni. hampeh sungguh la kapitalis diaorang neh kan 🙄


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