Islamabad Protest Turns Violent; UN Team Attacked (

ok now aku baru rasa cemas sket. after the attack during asyura day at karachi last january

and then last week attack at lahore (i was in lahore that day!)

now dah merebak plak kat islamabad. protest dah jadi violent

un team kena attack & otw ke airport

this is something yang agak worrying la bagi aku kan.

harap2 semua rakyat msia di islamabad selamat.

source here

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ISLAMABAD: Protestors demonstrated against the hike in public transport fares in Islamabad on Friday.

The demonstrators burnt tyres and damaged public property.

Traffic was also disrupted on Islamabad’s Murree Road, as protestors blocked the Faizabad area.

Meanwhile, police and Rangers took positions in Faizabad and police resorted to aerial firing and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

Rawalpindi police was also requested for assistance as Islamabad police ran short of tear gas shells, police source said.

A vehicle of the UN inspection team probing the murder of Benazir Bhutto was also attacked by the demonstrators.

The UN team returned to the airport in Islamabad after the attack and requested for security from the United States’ embassy, sources said. — DawnNews

more pics here (all from

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