I Have To Say Goodbye to Live Blogging at NuffNang “Wild Live” Blogging 2008

looks like i need to say goodbye to this wild live blogging party sponsored by maxis broadband !

organised by none other than your malaysia’s ads provider – nuffnang

how could that be ek ?

it just clashed with my another plan – the treasure hunt !

will post the details of the hunt later ok

if it’s in KL it’s OK.

but this time we’ll be travelling all the way from KL to KUANTAN for the hunt !

so where got time to dress in zebra-look-a-like costume and wildy blogging while sipping a cuppa tea !

haiihhhhhhh so cruel meh. hehe

i am sure there’ll be a separate invitation for all the maxis broadband users as well.

might stay at the refurbished swiss garden and spa resort again !

haha this is the second time within 6 months that i am gonna stay there. hehe 🙂

look at the theme at nuffnang website ! so cool kan ! haha

i like the design. especially the monitor lizard. hehe

so who’s joining the party ?

sssyyyyyyyyyyyy zzzzzzz…

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2 responses to “I Have To Say Goodbye to Live Blogging at NuffNang “Wild Live” Blogging 2008

  1. i simply tried to make a post on this, trying my luck, thats all. who knows, if the laptop prize will be mine hehe…

    kuEs last blog post..roaring my way to nuffnang wild ‘live’ blogging


  2. kue : surelah anda menang nanti kan. goodluck ! 🙂


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