Have You Heard Of the YouTube! Video Awards 2007 ?

have you ever heard of the YouTube! Video Awards 2007 ?

click below to see them all !

i am not sure when was the award’s nomination day… hehe

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4 responses to “Have You Heard Of the YouTube! Video Awards 2007 ?

  1. alahai, me dah lamer x tengok youtube itteww..

    en_me’s last blog post..small tower by the strait, no more


  2. read this yesterday. haha.

    Affuan’s last blog post..Projek rumah di Pasir Tumboh


  3. whoa, kalo dapat anugerah, kena la terbang ke US ke bro?

    Mr Ah Fa’s last blog post..Ada sesuatu yang memahat otak kawan-kawan sekalian? 😀


  4. en_me : hahah ye ke

    affuan : hehe

    mr ah fa : hhehe melancong sakan nanti tuh!


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