Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 – Hebat Giler !

perghhhhh korang pernah dengar ke pasal google wave ni ek ?

memang cool giler ok

akan available end of this year

email akan lagi cun dan berwarna warni mcm kat dalam youtube bawah neh ok

memang respect la sama pakcik google neh

mcm2 invention yang dia buat

no wonder la google complex jadik tempat paling best nak carik kerja kan

engineer google agaknya siang malam fikir camner lah nak majukan lagi google apps neh

memang tabik dowh !

– – – –  –

source here ok

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.

Watch the demo video above, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with

Google Wave.

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