Giler Besar Siot Mega Mac Ni & Big Mac Chant RM10,000 ! Haha :)

giler besar siot mega mac neh

memang tak muat mulut nak makan dowh

kalau muat pun sure la berterabur sayur2 tuh semua. haha

siapa ada gambar muat masuk mulut dengan sopan sekali ! haha

siapa nak rm10,000 ? tak nak sudah. haha

siapa nak sila click kat atas neh ok.

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6 responses to “Giler Besar Siot Mega Mac Ni & Big Mac Chant RM10,000 ! Haha :)

  1. mmg besar beb..xmuat aku utk makan…


  2. chot : tu la pasal. aku cuba muatkan dlm mulut, berterabur sayur2 tuh. haha 🙂


  3. ni confirm takleh makan on first date, hancus 1st impression!! hehe..


  4. erlena : haha seetuujooooo ! 🙂


  5. damn.,. that is big (at least from the picture). I couldnt believe it when a friend told me ’bout it, coz once i believe the biggest ones that ive seen were from carl’s jr.

    wow.. wanna try it in a few days time.


    fuqahas last blog post..Want a Good House for Joomla! In Malaysia?


  6. fuq : mmg besar gedabak giler ah 🙂


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