Fossil Found in Kitchen Counter

perghhhh dalam marmar tuh ada fossil berjuta2 tahun la !

sapa sangka kan. kuasa tuhan neh kan. hehe 🙂

aku rasa kalau kat malaysia neh pun ada jugak fossil camtuh

cuma mungkin kita tak perasan adjer

setiap kali drive ke ipoh, korang akan perasan ada bukit yang ada marmar tuh

ntah2 kalau ada dinosaur kat malaysia, pastu tertanam kat situ

surelah akan ada fossil kan.

kalau dapat jumpa, boleh masyuuukkkk woooooo ! haha

– – – – – –

source here ok

After a factory had found a 40-million-year-old whale fossil in a limestone kitchen counter, researchers investigated the stone’s fossil-packed quarry, which could shed light on the origins of African wildlife.

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