forget vista, try vixta! :)

perghhhhh cun la plak vixta ni. memang cun giler. sebijik macam windows vista yang baru tuh. mungkin lagi cun or sure la kan lagi laju sebab this is open source. rasa macam nak tukar os je lepas neh. heheheheheheeh siapa ada pc nak dijadikan guinea pig eh? heheheheheeheh sure jadik nyer lah. hidup open source! 🙂 + forget vista try vixta!

Here comes VIXTA, the open source alternative to the much hyped Windows Vista. VIXTA is actually a Fedora based Linux Distribution. It closely resembles Microsoft Windows Vista with all the user friendly & eye catching features. The main goals behind the development of VIXTA is to “bring Linux to the Masses” & to tell people that Linux is not for computer geeks. The desktop environment is based on KDE.

cun la plak vixta neh kan. heheheheehe :). how about suse?

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