FlickR 888 – Celebrating 24hrs of FlickR

hehe another great news from flickR

Given the success of last year’s event, we hope that you’ll join us in celebration of another 24 Hours of Flickr – Flickr 888 on Friday, August 8th, 2008 (8-8-8!), a most auspicious day!

How can you participate? Take a photo any time during the twenty-four hour period that’s August 8th where you are and then share it with the group. We’ll accept one (1) contribution per Flickr member into the group from noon PST Friday, August 8th until Tuesday, September 2nd, noon PST, 2008.

We’ve partnered with the cool folks at MOO to create unique Flickr 888 Postcard Packs. Those images with sufficient resolution (1795×1287 pixels) that feature “safe” content (as defined in our Community Guidelines), will be printed and sold in postcards packs this coming fall at MOO. We’re still working out the final details of how many, how much, etc., and we’ll share the full details here in the group when we’ve got our ducks in a row.

So, mark your calendars, and get ready to capture August 8th in all its glory.

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11 responses to “FlickR 888 – Celebrating 24hrs of FlickR

  1. Menarik. Boleh hantar ni.

    pening’s last blog post..Even-valued Fibonacci terms summation


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  3. camni leh la aku tangkap gambo tgh bancuh kopi nantiii…..sape mau kopi angkat tangan……. 😀

    Pembancuhkopi’s last blog post..Rahsia Iblis


  4. nak try nak try

    axim’s last blog post..MumiA Yang Sadis


  5. macam menarik ni.. boley try.. tp tgk la kalo aritu x busy..huhu 🙂

    izzat’s last blog post..August Events Highlight


  6. agak menarik juga ni 😎

    megat’s last blog post..Kaum Hawa Sungguh Istimewa, Hargailah


  7. pening : hehe hantar jangan tak hantar. jangan lupa ok. hehe 👿


  8. pembancuh : hehe bancuh kopi saaatttuuuu! 🙂


  9. axim : hehe ingat date tuh. haha 🙂


  10. izzat : pastikan tidak bz adjer. haha 😕


  11. megat : hehe mmg cool kan :confusedlot:


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