Lay a wisper on my pillow,
leave the winter on the ground.
I wake up lonely,
a stare of silence.
In the bedroom,
And all around. (all around)
Touch me now
I close my eyes and dream away.

it’s where the water flows
it’s where the wind blows.

oh i get up and make myself some coffee.
i try to read a bit
but the story’s too thin.
i thank the lord above that you’re not here to see me
in this shape i’m in.

i´m spending my time, watching the sun go down
i fall asleep to the sound of “Tears of a Clown”
a prayer gone blind
i´m spending my time…

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8 responses to “clueless

  1. it must have been love… by roxette..
    hmmm in love ke ni hehe…

    what’s up, bro?


  2. kawaii : tau ajer ko


  3. Bro, check this out, lovely song by Gita Gutawa.


  4. laman : thanks for the link. mmg sedap lagu tuh 🙂


  5. because kita tau la… hehehe
    i ni byk intelligence muahaha…

    kat foyer koleq kata dok buat persiapan… dah settle ke bro? hehe…


  6. kawaii : sah2 googled over kan. huhuhu


  7. benda2 camni ie human relations mana blh menggooglekan diri ler huhu


  8. kawaii : hahhah ye lar tuh


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