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Iklan Raya AINAA BEAUTY 2019 – “Impian Aidilfitri”

BBC Documentary – The Silk Road 2016 with Dr Sam Willis

“Entirely unknown civilization, their resources, advance technology and wealth, amazed the readership of backward Western Christendom.

This is the book that first reveal East to West, and in reality is a travel guide tailored to the needs of merchants with details of directions, distances, the kind of terrains to expect, how much food to pack.

Marco Polo travels reveal a new world of commercial links that reach as far as Persia, Central Asia, India and China.

More merchants follow in the Polo’s footsteps and the riches began to flow.

The ideas and products that Marco Polo and other travelers has seen during their travel trickles down the Silk Road, and in Europe they ignited.

They formed in part, a movement which we called the Renaissance.

An explosion of new thinking, new art, new inventions.

A quintessential renaissance city, Venice is a place I understand better now.

Position at the far west of the 5,000 miles Silk Road to which Europe owes so much.

From musical instruments, to mathematics, to the dozens of technical innovations like paper and printing.

Anthony Bourdain

The road to success for world renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, author of “Appetites: A Cookbook,” was long, winding, and riddled with failures. However, in the face of all of that, Bourdain has achieved a level of incredible success in the world of cooking and television. Here’s how Bourdain got there — and what he recommends to anyone else trying to break into the field.

An adventurous documenter of international food culture, Anthony Bourdain was the host of CNN’s Parts Unknown, a chef, prolific food author, speaker, and one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People. Here, we sat down and talked with him about his creative process, what he looked for in his team, and keys to his success.

Celebrities react to Anthony Bourdain’s death. Plus, the details behind Bourdain’s last PEOPLE Interview. Kat Kinsman, the author of ‘Hi, Anxiety’ shares her memories of the famed chef and her advice for anyone struggling with mental illness.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson remembers Anthony Bourdain and reflects on the preciousness of life in the universe.

Iklan Merdeka MAXIS 2014 – It’s OK, We’re Family

Iklan Merdeka DiGi 2014 – Malaysia. We Are Family

Iklan Merdeka & Hari Malaysia PETRONAS 2014 – #AWalkThroughTime – Nostalgia Bas Mini Bagi Saya, Mungkin Juga Anda!

Wow! Tak sangka yang Petronas akan menghidangkan bas mini wilayah berwarna merah jambu di dalam iklan merdeka dan hari Malaysia mereka pada tahun ini. Memang nostalgia. Zaman bas mini wilayah. bas mini no 14 yang bertolak dari stesen bas Greenwood sehinggalah ke Pasar Seni (Central Market). Konduktor bas dengan papan tiket dan beg sling kulitnya (ada duit kertas dalam tu). Terasa hendak #AWalkThroughTime dan singgah ke Central Market la weekend ni. Memang menggamit memori. Kenangan abadi. Syok sendiri!

Sedikit maklumat daripada laman web youtube rasmi Petronas:

#AWalkThroughTime  is a story of friendship between two boys as they journey through #Malaysia ‘s historic milestones that span over 57 years. +PETRONASOfficial hopes to trigger a sense of pride and patriotism in Malaysian hearts. By remembering the past in strive for a greater tomorrow, this webfilm invites us to look back at what we have accomplished as a nation united#petronasmerdeka

Iklan Hari Raya RTM – Ini Baru Raya! & Anugerah

Iklan Hari Raya TNB 2014 – Sentiasa Bersamamu

Iklan Hari Raya PETRONAS 2014 – Ke Pangkuan Bonda

Iklan Hari Raya PETRONAS 2014 – Ke Pangkuan Bonda

Sedap betul lagu dan suara yang mengalunkan kembali lagu raya Anuar & Ellina kali ni. Dengan ukulele yang sungguh acoustic, sungguh nostalgia. Suasana kampung yang memukau, mengimbau kenangan lama. Sungguh indah suasana di kampung halaman dengan ayam berkeliaran, bunga api, lemang, rendang, main bawah rumah. Tidur beramai-ramai memang amalan tahun 80an. Suasana Hari Raya walau di mana pun jua, memberikan ketenangan dan mententeramkan jiwa. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Iklan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012 BERNAS – The Journey!

perghhhhh ni kalau tak mengaliaq ayaq mata ceq tak tau la naaaaa
sungguh best iklan hari raya 2012 BERNAS kali ni.
thumbs up! to BERNAS, menelusuri liku2 kehidupan anak2 yatim piatu
berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul

Two special children build a beautiful relationship based on genuine care and understanding. On the eve of Hari Raya, these orphans, Ahmad and Fizi embark on a journey and encounter many challenges along the way. Through their perseverance and determination, they overcome all odds to fulfill their obligation of unconditional love.