bukit tabur taman melawati amazing pics! by andy :)

wow! never know that the bukit tabur near my place at taman melawati can be this beautiful and cool in pictures and being pictured by andy images. heheehehehehe this time memang kena daki itu bukit tabur la kan. heheeheheh 🙂

pinjam 2 pictures eh encik andy. hehehehe

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7 responses to “bukit tabur taman melawati amazing pics! by andy :)

  1. Cantik siot…
    teringin nak gi nengok..


  2. zool : kena daki awal pagi ke bukit tabur. heheheheh 🙂


  3. cantik. especially gambar langit. nanti nak upload gambar langit di sekitar raub masa on the way balik dari kelate. nanti tengok eh. peace!


  4. aishah : yep gambar langit tu mmg cun. 🙂


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  6. mata org kreatif, yg biasa2 pun boleh jadi lawa kan 😉


  7. yana : mata org ta’ kretip, yg lawa pun jadi…..(sila sambung)…hahahahaa 🙂


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