blogging from the lobby of vistana penang

the free wireless broadband access is unavailable at the room. so i need to go to the lobby to access the wireless internet broadband. thank god that it’s tmnet hotspot and i need not have to fork out any single cent since i am the tmnet hotspot subscriber. hehehehe.

ada 3 orang sedang berinternet di sini. semua senyap2 belaka. masing2 buat hal masing2 adjer.

forgot to bring my digicam at the lobby thus can’t take the photos of the vistana lobby.

eh btw, vistana hotel is situated at bukit jambul penang ya 🙂 ala kalau korang drive tu, just drive along to bayan baru or bayan lepas. kalau dah sampai batu maung tu maknanya dah jauh tersasar ler 🙂

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