Belasungkawa Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009), Video oleh The Star Online

video yang perlu anda saksikan

hasil kerja tangan the star

ada banyak sedutan iklan2 dan filem dalam vid neh

– – – – –


Local filmmaker extraordinaire, Yasmin Ahmad, who touched many hearts and minds with her distinctly down-to-earth Malaysian productions passed away on July 25, after suffering a stroke and brain haemorrhage. She was 51.

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2 responses to “Belasungkawa Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009), Video oleh The Star Online

  1. aku suka giler dia nyer iklan2 tuh..memang terbaik..nampak nyer raya ni mungkin takde iklan best dah…huhuhuhuu~~


    KNizam Reply:

    life4hire : hehe tu la kan. lepas neh takde lagi la iklan raya cool 🙂


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