3 residen @ melawati, east kl

masuk showroom 3 residence @ melawati, east kl neh kat melawati urban.1 hari tuh. tak la impress sangat ngan showroom dia. keluasan pun kurang dari 1300sqft la. kecik la kalau nak banding ngan platinum hill pv8 kan. showroom pun tak berapa cun la. they should make the showroom more livelier and cun banget. ye la kan kalau nak banding ngan harga yang mahal tuh around min rm320k, the showroom should be lagi cun la kan. concept puteh zen tuh cam tak kena jer.

anyway location mmg best. low density and then ada klfa complex kat situ. akan ada a few condos yang akan dibina area tuh. ara tuh still hijau lagi so memang mendamaikan la kan. hehehehehe. aku suka ngan marketing dia. brochure pun cun gilos. hehehehehe. tapi promoter yang layan aku cam tak tahu je pasal project neh. bila tanya itu ini cam tak confident jer nak jawab. hampeh je lar kan. hahahahhahahah

so enjoys the view of bukit batu kapur or bukit tabur la sapa2 yg beli condo neh. heheheehehe

official website by negara properties here – 3 residen @ melawati

Located within a ready catchment of 250,000 within an eight kilometer radius, 3Residen is situated aptly within the established neighbourhoods of Melawati, Wangsa Maju and Bukit Antarabangsa.

Amenities such as Carrefour, Giant, Alpha Angel and the Melawati and Wangsa Maju commercial areas are all a stone throw’s away.

In addition, the area also boasts the presence of educational institutions including primary and secondary schools, KL International school, Sri Inai, International Islamic University, UTAR and Malaysia International of Arts (MIA).

another review here

and as usual kalau pegi mana2 showroom amalkan tips ke showroom ya 🙂

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6 responses to “3 residen @ melawati, east kl

  1. Mohd Aminuddin Husain

    wish to get more of:
    details of the design type and price,
    facility and maint fee.
    Project completion date
    financing assistance
    bumiprice % or other incentives


    KNizam Reply:

    amin : u can check out their website or call direct to the developer ya 🙂


  2. Teoh Soon Keat

    Please let me know whether there is any condo or business suite within RM 150 K.

    Thank You


    KNizam Reply:

    teoh : area melawati ni takde rasanya ya 🙂


  3. Teoh Soon Keat

    property need to be smaller and affordable for the people.Prices around RM 150k + – and comes with 2 car parks.Need to follow one malaysia concept. Build for the average income earners and not for the rich for they have a lot of choice.


    KNizam Reply:

    teoh : yep agreed hehe 🙂


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